BD2K Funded Trainee Requirements

1. At least 20 hours a week on research work which can be dissertation work but needs to include at least some Big Data/Data Science component. Some vacation time as per NIH rules is permitted.
2. Attend monthly trainee meetings. The first will be late August, the others the first Fridays of the month.
3. You will need to take a research ethics course (if you have not already done so) which we hope to provide information to you about soon. There is both CITI training which is required to be done in the first month and there is an excellent one credit course, Grad 721: Research Ethics, which was most recently offered in spring. For more information click here: rcr.
4. You will be encouraged to collaborate on a research project involving researchers from multiple domains in addition to your own. The domains are biomedical science, biostatistical/statistical science, computer science/informatics, and mathematics.
5. You may complete a BD2K Big Data certificate program which involves several courses including some 1 credit hour modules. This is encouraged and can go on your CV.
6. Successfully complete your doctoral program requirements.

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