2020: Computational Modeling Laboratory [BCB718]


Course title Computational Modeling Laboratory
Course Offering: BCB 718
Instructors: Jeremy Purvis
Course description: This module provides a hands-on, laboratory-style course on computational modeling of biological systems. We will select a particular system and consider all aspects of model design, construction, simulation, and analysis. Although some modeling or programming experience is helpful, this class is suitable for BCB or BBSP students with no prior experience with programming or computational modeling.
 Prerequisites  Current enrollment in graduate program of any participating Department in the NIH T32 BD2K graduate training program
Course Dates Tuesdays and Thursdays on: 02/25/20, 02/27/20, 03/03/20, 03/05/20, 03/17/20, 03/19/20, 03/24/20, 03/26/20, 03/31/20, & 04/02/20
Meeting pattern 2-3:15pm
Location: 2004 Marsico Hall
Syllabus: bcb718_spring_2020_flier