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The program is open to graduate students from across the UNC campus in any PhD program. This is not a PhD granting program, rather a supplement to existing PhD programs, offering a BD2K certificate from the Graduate School.

The application process for participation is low threshold, with open enrollment:

Departments: email Dr. Forest ( and Dr. Kosorok ( to request inclusion

Graduate Students: email Dr. Forest (, Dr. Kosorok (, Betsy Seagroves (, and your faculty adviser; include a brief summary of your background (PhD program, courses taken, research experience) and your interest in the BD2K graduate training program.

Faculty mentors: email Dr. Forest (, Dr. Kosorok (, and Betsy Seagroves (; include a brief rationale (e.g., seeking a tri-domain collaboration, to offer modules, have PhD advisees participate, offer trainee rotations), and an updated NIH Biosketch.

Seminars of Interest:

Courses of Interest:

Training Modules:

2 thoughts on “Become Involved

  1. Justin Wilson

    A current member Maya Niranjan told me about this program and I’m very interested to join a mailing list and/or attend events. I’m starting my PhD in computer science at UNC. Research interests are computer graphics and data visualization. My wife just graduated from a PhD in statistics. We’re both interested in applications of big data related to healthcare and look forward to learning more.

    Best, Justin

  2. Yuan Li

    Dear Justin,

    Thanks for your interests. The best way you can do is following the instruction above to email Dr. Forest, so that we can see how to get you on the mailing list. And please feel free to let me know when I can help.



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