Current Trainees

Trainee Email Department Research Interests
Tanya Amert Computer Science Physically-based simulations, particularly of deformable bodies such as cloth.
Anthony Abrantes Biostatistics Classification and prediction for genetics and imaging.
Montika Bush
Stephen Capuzzi
Iain Carmichael

Statistics and Operations Research

Broadly I am interested in the intersection of statistics and machine learning. My current focuses are in networks and high dimensional classification.

Sherry Chao Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Funcational role and therapeutic potential of CUL9 loss on p53 regulation.
Monica Chaudhari
Meredith Corley
Wesley Crouse
Monica E. D’Arcy
Owen Francis
Ray Haggerty Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Image processing and analysis of microscopy data, and mathematical modeling of cellular processes.
Kyung Su Kim
Weizi Li Computer Science My research interests lies in multi-agent simulation with potential application to biomedical applications.
Elizabeth Marie Martin
David A. Pritchard
Samantha Puvanesarajah
Bryan Quach Genetrics, curriculum in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Broadly, my research interests involve the development and application of computational and statistical techniques for mining and analyzing ibological data sets. I a currently a graduate research assistant in Dr. Terry Furey’s computational genomics group where I am developing a dscriminative machine learning framework to integrate complementary data types for transcription factor binding site prediction. I enjoy conducting exploratory data anlysis to uncover patterns or applied to superised machine learning methods for classificaion tasks in genomics. I am most intrigued by biological problems related to studying chromatin dynamics and gene regulation in the context of disease and environmental stress.
Mahmoud Shobair
Tetsuya Takahashi
Chanin Tolson
Trumble, Ilana
Dana Walsh
Timothy Wessler Mathematics I use mathematical modeling to investigate biological problems. My current projects involve the study of mammalian cell mechanics and motility and HIV-antibody-mucin interactions .
Shan Yang
Caitlin Hult  Mathematics  Mathematical modeling of living yeast chromosomes, with particular emphasis on how parameters influence chromosome movement, interactions, and territory formation, as well as on ways to effectively visualize simulated chromatin dynamics.
Jessime Kirk
Aaron Barrett
Yanni Lai
Carol Sadek
Brian Adam
Robert Corty Genetics (BCB curriculum) The genetics of environmental drivers of anxiety disorders.
Josh Lawrimore Biology I am interested in simulating and comparing polymer models of chromosomes to fluorescence microscopy data to understand how the properties and thermodynamics of chromatin influence chromosome organization and dynamics.
Daniel Luckett Biostatistics Machine learning and semiparametric inference applied to precision medicine, dynamic treatment regimes, and mobile health.
Marissa Seamans Epidemiology Identifying patterns of prescription drug abuse in large healthcare databases; causal inference in social networks.
Natalie Stanley Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Probabilistic models for community structure in networds and associated inference techniques.
Joshua Welch
Jae Ho “Mike” Lee Department of¬†Mathematics I am interested in Mathematical Mathematical Medicine/Physiology and Computational Sciences. Starting in Fall 2014, I joined Professor Boyce Griffit’s Cardiovascualr and Modeling Simulation Group as a graudate research assistant. I am involved in developing mathematical and computational tools to develop physiological models that can be used to study various heart diseases. My goal is not only to enrich my knowledge and experience in the field of computational medicine, but also to seek more direct and tangible ways to use mathematics for the betterment of human health.

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