Modules Spring 2016

We offer 1 credit-hour modules over a 5-week span that serve multiple purposes: 1) co-taught by faculty mentors (and their lab members) spanning all three domains, creating a multi-lingual learning and research environment; 2) introduce trainees to a targeted biomedical or biological focus, the data sources, current data analytics tools and results, and current predictive modeling tools and results — in essence, duplicating the start-up process to integrate a new graduate student or postdoc into an interdisciplinary collaboration; 3) serves as an in-depth interview process for students to apply for rotations or funding in that particular research area and collaboration; and 4) serves as a potential nucleating process for creating new tri-domain collaborations (biomedical focus and data, data analytics, predictive modeling).

We solicit conversations and discussions about any ideas that Chairs, Faculty, and Graduate Students might have about modules, especially with regard to 4) above!

For Spring 2016, courses are listed in each department of one of the faculty teaching the course. You should sign up for the course in your home department if that is possible, otherwise, take your pick.

Modules for Spring 2016

For modules offered in Spring 2017, please goto  Modules Spring 2017.