Particle Tracking and Applications and Applications to Microheology, Cell Biology, Virology, and Lung Biology

Course title Particle Tracking and Applications to Microrheology, Cell Biology, Virology, and Lung Biology
Course Offering: MATH 891.005
Instructor of Record: Greg Forest, Jay Newby, Amy Gladfelter, Sam Lai, David Hill
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Course description Topics covered include:  transport properties of biological fluids and of particles in them, particle tracking experiments, fluorescence microscopy, particle tracking analysis, inferences from tracking data. There will be “hands on” modeling and analysis of experimental data. Student projects will be finalized by Class 3, then developed with 2 weeks between classes until final project presentations on Class 6.
Prerequisites Current enrollment in graduate program of any participating Department in the NIH T32 BD2K graduate training program
Start and end date January 16, 23, 30; February 13, 27; March 6, 2018
Meeting pattern Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:40pm
Location: PH 365