Course title Microrheology and Transport– Particle Tracking in Biological Fluids 
Course Offering: MATH 891.002
Instructor of Record: Greg Forest
Also offered as: PHYS 893.002
Instructor of Record: Richard Superfine, David Hill
Also offered as: Pharmacy 
Instructor of Record: Sam Lai
Also offered as:  
Instructor of Record:  
Course description Topics covered include:  transport properties of biological fluids, particle tracking experiments, fluorescence microscopy, particle tracking analysis, inferences from tracking data.
Prerequisites current enrollment in graduate program of any participating Department in the NIH T32 BD2K graduate training program
Start and end date Jan 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2   2017
Meeting pattern Thursdays, 3:15-5:45 pm
Location: Phillips Hall 365

January 26, 2017— David Hill and Sam Lai