Computational Modeling of Heart Valves

Course title Computational Modeling of Heart Valves with Clinical Validation
Course Offering: MATH 891.003
Instructor of Record: Boyce Griffith, Pierre-Yves Passagia, John Vavalle
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Course description Worldwide, heart valve repair or replacement procedures are performed at a rate of 300,000/year, and this rate is projected to increase to 850,000/year by 2050. The objectives of this course are to gain an understanding of the fundamental clinical concepts in heart valve repair and replacement, the mathematical and computational concepts in modeling artificial heart valves, and the experimental techniques for validating device performance. The course will also address medical image processing for constructing patient-specific computational models and regulatory issues related to using computer models in submissions to the FDA.
Prerequisites Current enrollment in graduate program of any participating Department in the NIH T32 BD2K graduate training program
Start and end date March 22, 29; April 5, 12, 19, 26, 2018
Meeting pattern Thursdays 2:00pm-4:10pm
Location: PH 365