Course title Chromosome Organization and Dynamics in Living Cells
Course Offering: MATH 891.004
Instructor of Record: Greg Forest, David Adalsteinsson
Also offered as: BIOL 890.004
Instructor of Record: Kerry Bloom
Also offered as:  
Instructor of Record:  
Also offered as:  
Instructor of Record:  
Course description The objectives of this course are to:  Develop mathematical models of an entire eukaryotic genome in a living cell; Extract quantitative data from the models and experimental systems to tune model parameters; Discuss the power of mathematical modeling in guiding intuition at the nano to micron scales;  Discuss future avenues such as network analysis and fluid dynamics to explore pathways of information flow in a living cell 
Prerequisites current enrollment in graduate program of any participating Department in the NIH T32 BD2K graduate training program
Start and end date Feb 1, 8, 15, March 1, 8, 22   2017
Meeting pattern Wednesdays 3-5:30 pm
Location: Phillips Hall 365